Best Outdoor Storage of 2018

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Top Five Outdoor Storage Ideas For Homeowners

When you think about storage, you probably picture the closets or cabinets that you have inside your home. While indoor storage is certainly useful, you can also take advantage of outdoor storage for items like bicycles, patio furniture, and garden decorations. Here are five outdoor storage tips that can help you store your belongings with ease:

1. Consider built-in storage.

If you have a deck attached your house, think about adding a built-in storage bench. This can provide a convenient place for storing everything from toys to outdoor decor.

2. Get creative.

Look at the outside of your house to see if there are any areas that could be easily converted into storage areas. For instance, if you have an overhang near your foundation, you may be able to wall it in to create a small storage area.

3. Create a hanging rack for garden tools.

You can easily store shovels, rakes, and other garden tools by hanging them up on a wall. Just make sure that the area where you hang them is protected from the weather.

4. Purchase a shed for storing larger items.

If you don’t already have a shed, it is well worth investing in one. Being able to keep larger items like patio furniture or garden equipment protected from the weather can help your belongings last longer.

5. Create hidden storage under your stairs.

If you have wooden stairs leading up to your home, you can create an area underneath them where you can store items. All that you have to do is block off the sides of the stairs, adding a small door that you can open to put things inside.

These outdoor storage tips should help you create useful storage solutions for your home. Having easy access to outdoor storage can make it much more convenient to store items such as bikes or garden equipment.