Best Bike Sheds Review 2018


How To Choose The Best Bike Shed For Your Precious Wheels

Whether you depend on your trusty bike to get to work in the morning, you are a mountain bike enthusiast who loves to get away from it all at the weekend with your precious wheels, or simply enjoy a good cycle every now and then, making sure your bike is safe is a must. How can you choose the best bike shed for your wheels? Here come a few tips that should point you in the right direction.

Is It Just Your Bike You Plan To Store?

Understanding your answer to this step is crucial. If it is just your bike that you plan to store you could look for a single bike locker or another small shed type option which is specially designed for storing one bike. Often these types of sheds are hard-wearing and durable as they have been built for a specific purpose; to keep your bike well and truly protected.

However, if you are looking, not only for somewhere to store your bike but also a general outdoor storage area for other items as well, you may need to look at more general purpose sheds. The main disadvantage here is that the shed has not necessarily been built with bike storage in mind.



Think About Your Bike Type

If you are a keen cyclist who owns an expensive bike, you may want to look at a bike shed which is very secure and provides you with adequate peace of mind that your precious wheels are being protected when you are not around. Of course, this type of bike shed may set you back a little more, however, it’s sure to be a whole lot less than having to bu yourself a brand new set of wheels!