Best Mid-Sized Storage Sheds Review 2018


Tips And Tricks – Buying The Right Shed

If you are in the market for a mid-sized shed there are a couple of decisions that you will have to make in order to ensure that you not only get the best value for money – but that you also get the shed that you need.

Here are some tips to getting the shed that exactly fits your needs and lifestyle.

1. Material.

When faced with a shed buying decision one thing needs to be decided upfront – which material would be best. There are three main choices – wood, plastic or metal? Wooden sheds are usually viewed as the most traditional and they do offer good value for money. Modern sealing techniques also mean that they should be fairly resistant to rot. However – most are made softer woods so this problem needs watching.

Metal sheds are great – but they aren’t exactly the most beautiful installations in the world – and for those interested in the DIY option they can present a real challenge. Condensation can also be an issue.

Plastic is durable and these sheds are usually easy to erect – and if you’re thinking of moving anytime soon they are easy to transport.

2. Size.

Many people are opting for a ‘middle sized’ shed. however – this is really in the eyes of the beholder. 6ft x 8ft seems to be becoming increasingly popular as this does leave enough floor space for a neat workbench.



3. Build Quality.

When previewing your chosen shed push firmly on the sides – if there is any give you might be looking at inferior build quality. This means that you might very well be in for expensive repairs sooner rather than later – or as a worst case scenario having to replace the entire shed.